Apartment search: how to find low rent unfurnished apartments online

Apartment search: how to find low rent unfurnished apartments online

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by SMonteith

The Internet has revolutionized the way that realtors and landlords post apartment listings. There are a ton of sites, search engines, and techniques to sorting through all of the online listings for apartment rentals. To help you get through the sea of listings, we have constructed a guide for the quickest and most effective way to search for apartments online.

It’s advisable for the renter to know what they are looking for. Consider whether to look at furnished or unfurnished apartments. People who rent unfurnished properties pay lower rent. However, those who rent unfurnished must supply their own furnishings, and this can be expensive.

The renter must define their apartment search in terms of the minimum features and amenities he wants. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed is the standard place to start. Renters should consider whether or not they mind using stairs and if they would prefer to not have neighbors living above them. Is having a balcony or patio an absolute must? It might also be helpful to consider whether or not low rent apartments are available. Renters should be specific about budget, especially since this often determines available neighborhoods. The majority of this information can be gleaned through an apartments online search.

Apartmentguide.com offers a comprehensive database of apartments online. Users filter by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price ranges and distance. Users begin by entering a location. The website returns a list of available apartments and includes a community profile. It even provides a list of nearby schools. The advanced search allows users to specify a broad range of apartment and community features. Where available, it’s possible to search for furnished apartments. Since most apartments are available to rent unfurnished, it’s safe to assume that all results are unfurnished unless furnished has been selected as a filter.

Apartments.com is another useful apartment search website. Its capabilities do not provide the same broad range of filters, but it’s still possible to look for rentals that are furnished. This makes it easy to assume that unless this filter is chosen, all of those listed in the results are unfurnished apartments. This website also provides a filter for low rent properties, so users on a budget can find suitable properties here when they want to rent unfurnished studios and apartments.

Google searches can also be handy. Some results will be for rental websites that have a local focus and provide ads for communities throughout the area. Others will be for specific communities. Google results may also include extras like video tours of apartments. Browsers should be aware that some Google results are advertisements. Google posts these ads because they are relevant to the current search, but keeps them separate so that browsers are aware of their choices.

Peer review websites like Yelp can assist in the search for unfurnished apartments. A Yelp listing includes information about price and amenities, including whether apartments are unfurnished. Of the most value here are the reviews posted by current and former residents. This is not the type of information usually found on a leasing company website. These reviews should be accurate and unbiased. However, it’s good practice to take these reviews with a grain of salt, particularly if they are overly dire as this review only provides one side of the story.

Other peer review websites, like apartmentratings.com, are fairly helpful. This website breaks down overall renter reviews in categories like parking, noise, safety, staff and maintenance. Users may also post comprehensive reviews of apartment communities. Be wary of a string of negative reviews over a long period of time that may indicate a community to avoid.

Online apartment searches are the best way to find low rent or unfurnished apartments almost anywhere in the U.S. Using websites like apartmentguide.com, apartments.com and Google helps users narrow down their choices by using appropriate search filters. Additional searching at peer review websites can yield helpful information. Using these methods is a quick and effective way to find a new apartment.

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