Where to find unfurnished apartments for cheap

Where to find unfurnished apartments for cheap

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by SMonteith

One of the most difficult tasks a person has to accomplish is find a quality apartment for a low, or cheap, rent. There is a lot that goes into the search for a cheap apartment rental: using the right apartment search engines, finding the most in depth listings, and sorting out real listings for cheap and low rent apartments versus “cheap” apartments.

Renters looking for apartments for cheap prices must define the neighborhood in which they would like to live. A cheap apartment can be found in a nice neighborhood, so renters shouldn’t hesitate to browse through listings they think might be out of reach.

Make a careful review of budget considerations. An apartment carries more expenses than just rent. Utility bills may also be the responsibility of the renter. In some communities, the landlord pays for water and garbage service, but the renter must pay for electricity, television and Internet.

Renters should factor in the cost of renters insurance, too. Most insurance companies can insure renters for about $15-30 per month. This is an inexpensive bill that can pay huge dividends should the apartment become damaged or if the renter’s belongings are damaged through a fire, leak or other accident.

Most rentals are unfurnished apartments. An unfurnished space allows the tenant to decorate as they wish. However, if the tenant owns little or no furniture, then they must also budget for the expense of buying furnishings. Unfurnished apartments will need essentials like a bed, a couch and a dining room table. It may also be necessary for the tenant to provide floor and table lamps.

Most apartment communities will charge security and cleaning deposits. If the community allows pets, then pet owners can expect to pay an additional fee. This fee is on top of the normal expenses associated with pet ownership, such as those related to toys, food and vet care.

Consider renting a smaller, unfurnished space to save on rent. While it might be nice to have an extra room or two, the renter should consider whether or not that space is necessary. An extra room might be nice if the renter is thinking of accepting a roommate who could split the apartment expenses. Finding a roommate is a great way to reduce costs and take advantage of another person’s furniture.

Locating apartments for cheap rental amounts is easy at websites like apartments.com. Entries are organized by city, and the cheap apartments filter is a great way to search for the most economical apartments in a given location.

Apartmentguide.com is also a good resource for searching for apartments for cheap prices. They also provide a cheap apartments search guide that gives tips on searching for the cheapest apartments in any city. Cheap apartments are broken up by city listings, and this website also sponsors an informative blog to help renters find the best deals no matter where they settle.

At Rent.com, users can click on the Cheap Apartments Search Link to get connected with the least expensive unfurnished apartments in any city. It’s important to understand that cheap apartments can still offer good value. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean living in an unsafe neighborhood or going without amenities. However, the apartment will likely be unfurnished, older and smaller than those in newer communities. As Rent.com emphasizes, there is plenty of charm and value in these older rentals.

Craigslist might also be a good place to locate cheap apartments. Because it’s cheaper to post on Craigslist, landlords on a budget with affordable apartments are more likely to advertise here. Many Craigslist ads are from private landlords, and this can also translate to savings for the renter.

Inexpensive apartments may be smaller and older, but they are not without charm and convenience. They are also more affordable, making them an attractive choice for renters on a budget. By using the websites mentioned above, renters will find it easier than ever to locate cheap apartments.

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