What's the difference between partially furnished and unfurnished rentals?

What's the difference between partially furnished and unfurnished rentals?

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

When searching for a new apartment, there many things to pay attention to: details on utilities, the neighborhood where the apartment is located, and what type of appliances and amenities are included with the apartment. The fine points of the ladder can determine what type of apartment you're renting, between a partially furnished apartment and an unfurnished apartment.

A partially furnished apartment may be the most difficult standard to define in the apartment world. They are many different interpretations of what a partially furnished apartment can be, but he average consensus is that a partially furnished apartment includes minor pieces of furniture such as: a dining table, end or coffee tables, microwave, throw rugs, or curtains. The line between furnished and partially furnished apartments is usually defined by furnished apartments including large items and luxury items such as beds, TVs, couches, and any other pieces that a tenant moving who owns nothing could live comfortably.

Partially furnished apartments are great options for younger tenants; tenants who have accumulated some furniture but not everything. It gives those tenants with some furniture more freedom when decorating the apartment versus fully furnished apartments while not requiring for the tenants to acquire everything. However, with some apartments may offset the cost of partially furnishing the apartment with a higher rent price than that for a similar unfurnished apartment. If the rent price does not increase, the deposit for the apartment may be higher for the partial furnishings as well.

There are certain types of apartments that are more likely to come partially furnished. Condos are one of the main types of apartments that can usually come partially furnished. That is because even though condos are apart of a complex they can be individually purchased, and once they are purchased the owner can choose to rent it out. To make a condo more attractive for rent than the others in the complex, landlords will try to set it apart by partially furnishing it because it's cheaper than fully furnishing an apartment but also offers some added features than the others in the complex.

Low income apartments are also an option for finding partially furnished apartments. These types of apartments sometimes come partially furnished because to help with tenants who cannot afford much, the apartment complexes may provided some basic furnishings to help.

Another type of partially furnished apartments are residence halls, or more commonly known as dorms, which are specifically for college students. For college students they are able to live in residence hall with a bed, desk, a dresser.

College apartments are also another option. Much like the residence halls, college apartments know that most college students don't have a lot of furniture or any furniture at all. And in a college area, apartments can be very competitive to get students to rent. To stay competitive, many college area apartments will partially furnish their units.

Unfurnished apartments come with the bare minimums: a refrigerator, oven, a stove, and maybe some lighting fixtures. If your needs for furnishings go beyond the basic and you don't want to pay so much for a completely furnished apartment, then a partially furnished apartment will be the best option.

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